10103207 - Senior Data Scientist
luggageKhlong Toei, Thailand

Role and Responsibilities

  • Analyze and formulate business problems into practical analytics solutions
  • Manage to have all necessary data available timely
  • Design model validation and model maintenance based on Analytics Modeling Process Framework
  • Develop analytics models and solutions by using predictive analytics, statistics, optimization, machine learning, optimal sampling, experimental design and/or other techniques
  • Research on new cutting-edge technology & techniques in Deep Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Re-enforcement Learning or related technical fields
  • Work closely with business teams and IT solution architecture team to ensure delivering practical analytics solutions on time

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Minimum 3 years of related experience on data analytic, data science, machine learning, etc.
  • Bachelors, or Masters degree in Data Science, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research or equivalent with at least 1 years of work experience
  • Advanced knowledge of machine learning and big data analytics.
  • Familiarity with unstructured data, NLP, Text Mining, Graph Theory, Deep Learning.
  • Technical Skills: Python, R, Tableau, SQL.
  • Experiences with Hadoop, PySpark, Hive, Scala, Kafka, Impala etc.
  • Strong passion and ability to ask relevant business questions to the business team in order to provide the analytical suggestion
  • Proactive personality with initiative, resourceful, enthusiasm, and able to think on his own idea