2023009 C(A45)AH Production Planning and Control Engineer | Ara Damansara
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Job Position: Production Production Planning and Control Engineer

Job ID: 2023009 C(A45)AH

Company Background: IT Solution Service Provider

Salary Range: Basic MYR4,500 - MYR6,500

Working Days: Mon Fri,

Location: Currently working at Ara Damansara, 1Q 2024 will move to Plaza Ascent near Paradigm


-13th month salary

- Medical benefit, vision benefit, dental benefit, attendance benefit, Gym benefit and etc

Job Title

Production Planning and Control Engineer

Job Overview

A Production Planning and Control Engineer is responsible for coordinating and optimizing manufacturing processes to ensure efficient production operations. This role involves planning production schedules, monitoring workflow, and implementing control measures to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and meet quality standards.

Responsibilities and Duties

1. Production Planning:

Develop and implement production plans, taking into account factors such as demand forecasts, resource availability, and production capacity.

Collaborate with sales, marketing, and procurement teams to gather information for accurate production scheduling.

2. Scheduling and Coordination:

Create detailed production schedules, assigning tasks and timelines to production teams.

Coordinate with different departments to ensure timely availability of materials, resources, and equipment.

3. Capacity Planning:

Assess production capacity and identify opportunities for optimization.

Balance workloads and allocate resources efficiently to meet production targets.

4. Inventory Management:

Monitor inventory levels of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods.

Implement strategies to minimize excess inventory and avoid stockouts.

5. Quality Control Integration:

Collaborate with quality control teams to ensure that production processes meet quality standards and specifications.

Implement control measures to address and prevent quality issues.

6. Continuous Improvement:

Identify opportunities for process improvements and cost reductions.

Implement lean manufacturing principles and methodologies to enhance efficiency.

7. Production Monitoring:

Use production monitoring tools and systems to track progress against production schedules.

Implement corrective actions to address delays or disruptions.

8. Resource Allocation:

Allocate manpower, machinery, and equipment efficiently to meet production goals.

Optimize resource utilization to minimize downtime.

9. Communication:

Maintain clear communication with production teams, management, and other relevant departments.

Provide regular updates on production progress and challenges.

10. Compliance and Regulations:

Ensure compliance with industry regulations, safety standards, and environmental requirements.

Stay informed about changes in regulations that may impact production processes.

11. Documentation:

Maintain accurate records of production plans, schedules, and performance metrics.

Prepare reports and analyses for management review.


Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, or a related field.

Proven experience in production planning and control roles within a manufacturing environment.

Knowledge of production planning software and ERP systems.

Understanding of lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement methodologies.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

Detail-oriented with a focus on accuracy.

Ability to work collaboratively in a cross-functional environment.

Familiarity with safety regulations and quality control processes.