2023016 C(A45)AH Manufacturing Business Consultant| 5WD | Up to MYR18K | Subang
luggageSubang Jaya, Malaysia


As a Manufacturing Business Consultant, you will collaborate with manufacturing clients to optimize their

operations, enhance efficiency, and drive strategic initiatives. Leveraging your expertise in manufacturing

processes, supply chain management, and industry best practices, you will serve as a trusted advisor to

clients seeking to improve their overall business performance. This role requires a deep understanding of

the manufacturing industry, excellent problem-solving skills, and the ability to deliver impactful solutions.


1. Client Consultation:

a. Engage with manufacturing clients to understand their business objectives, challenges,

and operational processes.

b. Conduct thorough assessments of current manufacturing practices and identify areas for


2. Operational Efficiency:

a. Analyze and optimize manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

b. Implement lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement initiatives.

3. Supply Chain Management:

a. Evaluate and improve supply chain processes to ensure timely and cost-effective


b. Collaborate with clients to enhance inventory management and procurement strategies.

4. Technology Integration:

a. Recommend and implement technology solutions to streamline manufacturing


5. Quality Assurance:

a. Develop and implement quality management systems to meet industry standards.

b. Provide recommendations for improving product quality and reducing defects.


Bachelors degree in manufacturing engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business, or a related

field. MBA is a plus.

Proven experience as a Manufacturing Business Consultant or in a similar role within the

manufacturing industry.

In-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and quality control.

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Familiarity with manufacturing software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Experience with process improvement methodologies.

Knowledge of regulatory compliance and industry standards.

Knowledge of the smelting industry.