20240159 CM(A35)AH Maintenance Technician | 5.5 days | Up to MYR3,500 | Senai
luggageJohor Bahru, Malaysia

Job ID: 20240159 CM(A35)AH

Position: Maintenance Technician

Company background: Food Manufacturer (Listed company)

Salary: MYR2,500 MYR3,500

Working location: Senai

Working hours:

Monday-Friday:8.30am - 5.30pm

Saturday:8.30am - 12.30pm

Job description:

1. Carry out the specific implementation of standardized management of electrical, elevator, air-conditioning, fire protection, water pump and other equipment within the company's jurisdiction.

2 Responsible for the establishment and improvement of equipment data files and daily affairs of equipment management

3. Track the advanced level of domestic equipment management, improve the advanced management mode and system of equipment operation, maintenance, and repair to achieve the goal of good management, good use, and good equipment maintenance

4. Responsible for overall planning, monitoring and proposing improvement plans to increase equipment utilization and reduce equipment energy consumption.

5. Responsible for providing verification opinions on the advancement and rationality of newly purchased or updated equipment

6. Participate in equipment inspection and acceptance work, as well as equipment accident investigation and elimination work.

7. Assist relevant professional supervisors to formulate and organize the implementation of important equipment installation, transformation, renewal, maintenance, and overhaul plans.

8. Responsible for the management of inspection, measurement and test equipment

9. Responsible for supervising the normal and safe use of equipment, carefully inspecting the equipment site, and inspecting and guiding the equipment team's on-site work

10. Responsible for daily affairs such as power planning, power saving, safe power use, and water saving.

11. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

12. It is necessary to record the equipment failure, diseased operation of the equipment, and stand-alone operation of the equipment raised by the operator in a timely manner, report to the section chief and the leader in charge, and issue a rectification notice in a timely manner as required Leader's instructions.

13 Mainly responsible for the performance of duties caused by poor management and supervision, poor assessment, poor job execution, violations of regulations and disciplines: equipment safety accidents, equipment damage, economic losses, production impacts, etc.; will be held accountable


Min 2 years experiences in relevant position

Min SPM holder