2D 3D Animator
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2D/3D Animator for YouTube

Our client is seeking a skilled 2D/3D Animator.

As a 2D/3D Animator for YouTube, your primary responsibility is to transform static illustrations into dynamic and engaging animations for online content. You will bring images and concepts to life by applying your animation expertise to create visually compelling videos. Collaborating closely with content creators, you'll interpret their vision and add motion, storytelling, and a touch of magic to their ideas.

Key tasks include 

  • Converting 2D illustrations into animated sequences, 
  • Adding movement to characters and objects, 
  • Ensuring seamless transitions, 
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of videos. 

Proficiency in animation software and a keen eye for detail are essential. Your role is crucial in captivating and retaining the audience's attention, making the content more informative and entertaining. 

Join our team and contribute your creative skills to the exciting world of YouTube content creation.