2nd Engineer

- Assist the Chief Engineer in the maintenance, repair, and operation of all machinery and equipment on board the vessel

- Monitor and maintain the engine room and all related systems, including fuel, lubrication, and cooling systems

- Conduct regular inspections and maintenance tasks as per the vessel's planned maintenance system

- Troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues that may arise during the voyage

- Keep accurate records of all maintenance and repair activities

- Train and supervise junior engineering staff

- Ensure compliance with all safety regulations and procedures

- Report any safety hazards or incidents to the Chief Engineer immediately

- Participate in emergency drills and respond to emergencies as needed


- Minimum of 3 years of experience as a 2nd Engineer on vessels of similar size and type

- Valid STCW certification and seafarer's medical certificate

- Proficiency in English, both written and verbal

- Strong technical knowledge and problem-solving skills

- Ability to work well under pressure and in a team environment

- Excellent communication and leadership skills

- Familiarity with computerized maintenance systems is an asset