35063 C(A40) AH Junior Frontend Engineer Up to MYR6,500 | Ara Damansara, KL
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Job Position: Junior Frontend Engineer

Job ID: 35063 C(A40) AH

Company Background: IT Solution Service Provider

Salary Range: Basic MYR4,500 MYR6,500

Working Days: Mon - Fri

Location: Ara Damansara, end of the year of 2023 shall move to Plaza Ascent near Paradigm mall


-13th month salary

- Medical benefit, vision benefit, dental benefit, attendance benefit, Gym benefit and etc

Job Overview

We are looking for a Junior Frontend Engineer to join our team to involves supporting the development and implementation of user interfaces under the guidance of more experienced developers.

Junior Frontend Engineer will contribute to frontend development tasks, assist with UI/UX design implementation, collaborate with team members, and seek opportunities for continuous learning and skill development.

Responsibilities and Duties

Primarily focus on frontend development tasks.

Collaborate closely with UI/UX designers to translate design concepts into functional interfaces.

Learn and utilize frontend frameworks and tools to enhance their development workflow.

Work collaboratively with other team members, including backend developers, designers, and project managers.

Write unit tests and assist with frontend testing to ensure the reliability and functionality of the code.

Ensure that the frontend code works consistently across different web browsers as well as test and verify that the user interface functions correctly and appears as intended across major browsers

Any other duties assigned by the superior.


Possesses a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Web Development, or a related field.

Proficiency in frontend web development languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is essential.

Understanding of web development technologies and standards, including responsive design principles

Familiarity with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles is beneficial.

Possess strong problem-solving abilities and be able to troubleshoot and debug frontend code.