3D Character Modeler (Japan Residents Only | Japanese Required)
luggageSapporo, Japan

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【Basic Information】

Client ID: 127000

Job ID: 1693

Position: 【札幌スタジオ】3Dキャラクターモデラー

Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido

Salary: 3.5M - 8M JPY

Language: Business Japanese

Contract type: Permanent

Who we are




- 家庭用ゲーム機、PC、およびスマートデバイスに向けたゲームやデジタルサービスの企画・開発・販売・運営を行っています。
- 高いIP力を持つシリーズを展開。海外においても16カ所を超える開発・販売拠点を置き、現地のニーズを捉えた独自のコンテンツ制作を行い、全世界へ展開しています。

- ビデオゲーム、プライズマシン、競馬・ビンゴ・プッシャーなど多種多様に展開するメダルゲームなど、様々な製品ラインナップを開発、製造、販売するアーケードゲーム事業を手がけています。
- マーチャンダイジング事業では、プライズ、くじ、物販や海外リテールに向けた、キャラクター商品などの企画開発・生産・販売を行っています。




English here:

Our company globally expands the game content business, operating in various fields such as video production, toys, gaming machines, and resort businesses as a comprehensive entertainment enterprise aiming to provide new forms of "play."

With the mission to "continuously create inspiring experiences," we deliver excitement to customers not only in Japan but also worldwide, including Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

**Consumer Business**

- We plan, develop, sell, and operate games and digital services for home game consoles, PCs, and smart devices.
- We deploy series with strong intellectual property (IP). With over 16 development and sales bases overseas, we engage in unique content creation, addressing local needs and expanding globally.
 **Amusement Business**

- Our arcade game business covers a diverse product lineup, including video games, prize machines such as "UFO Catcher," and various medal games like horse racing, bingo, and pushers. We develop, manufacture, and sell these products.
- In the merchandising business, we plan, develop, produce, and sell character merchandise, prizes, lotteries, and other products for overseas retail.

**Initiatives for New Business Creation**

Our group has created numerous forms of entertainment. Leveraging our capabilities as a comprehensive entertainment group and a global studio structure, we actively engage in creating new businesses.

Currently planning services that combine the latest technology and content, we aim to pioneer new forms of entertainment as a leading company in the industry, incorporating trends such as Web3.0, metaverse, virtual YouTubers, and more.

    Roles and Responsibility


    • English here
      • You will be responsible for character model or monster model creation tasks at Sapporo Studio

    Minimum Requirements



    • English here
      • Individuals with a track record in high-end game development for consumer platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC online titles, or those with experience in 3D animation production.
      • Those with 3 years or more of experience in creating high-end character models or monster models using Maya, Substance Painter, and ZBrush.

    Preferred Requirements







    • English here
      • Individuals with experience in building and designing data pipelines.
      • Those with experience in controlling and overseeing development through external outsourcing (domestic and overseas).
      • Individuals who can facilitate smooth collaboration with team members.
      • Those with a cheerful personality and strong communication skills.
      • Healthy and responsible individuals.
      • Those who possess a positive mindset.

    Conditions / Benefits

    Employment type: Full time

    Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido

    Annual Salary: 3,500,000 ~ 8,000,000 JPY Based on experience, ability, and previous work experience

    • Salary revision: Once a year
    • Bonus: Twice a year (June, December)
    • Performance bonus and incentives available
    • Full overtime pay (no overtime for managers and above)

    Hours: Flex: 8:00 - 22:00

    • Flextime system (Core time: 10:30 - 15:30)


    • Colorful Point System (*)
    • Recreation facilities
    • Employee stock ownership plan
    • Health check-ups
    • Full company coverage of influenza vaccination costs
    • Defined contribution pension system (optional DC)
    • Celebration and condolence payments
    • Colorful Point System:A system where certain points are provided by the company, which can be used for shopping, leisure activities, self-improvement, etc. Various discount benefits are also available.
    • Childcare and Nursing Care
      • Birth celebration:
      • Upon returning from maternity leave
      • In-house nursery school
    • Insurance
      • Social insurance
      • Health insurance
      • Unemployment insurance
    • Transportation expenses
    • Other benefits

    We have been recognized by the Japanese government as one of the companies with the best benefits

    Interview Process

    1. CV Screening (Japanese resume required)
    2. 1st Interview
    3. Aptitude test
    4. 2nd Interview
    5. Offer

    This process is subject to change