3D Modeler (ZR-281)
luggageKarachi, Pakistan

Job Description & Software Details

1) Apparel Designing in Illustrator

2) 3D Modeling Of Sports Apparel, and Sports Objects, On these Software, (Blender, Marvelous Designer,Daz3D)

3) 2D Vector Design and 3D Modeling of products on pitch print and integrate that product on website via WordPress

4) Trace and Redesign the logo of given JPEG, PNG of Sports logos

5) 3D mockups for the website of the sports apparel

6) Website Banners design

7)Kit builder For Apparel Design and 3D model

Software and tools Used

1) Blender

2) Marvelous Designer

3) Adobe Photoshop

4) Adobe Illustrator

5) Daz3D

6)Pitch Print

7)Kit Builder