5G Planning Lead


Role : 5G Planning Lead

  • Responsible for radio planning basis circle business requirements
  • Nominal planning basis network & Business KPIs like traffic, coverage & capacity, utilization & devices etc
  • Automation support for GIS creation, Planning database & KPI pre-post & insights for improving customer & network experience
  • Innovative solutions to drive capex & Opex efficiency


  • Bachelor Degree of Engineering/Technology from a reputed institute. At least +5 years of work experience in telecom with skills as below
  • Technical expertise on the 4G/5G RAN domain - experience with 4G/5G KPIs and having a good understanding of KPIs.
  • Planning tool experience (like Asset, NetAct Planner) & defining their related parameters: site coordinates, antenna type, antenna height, antenna tilt, antenna azimuth, cable loss, propagation model parameters etc
  • Validating the site configuration, setting the specific RF parameters for the site to be integrated: MCC, MNC, LAC, RAC, SAC, EARFCN frequency, neighbors.
  • Deep Knowledge and practice of 4G/5G RF dimensioning and planning alongwith inter RAT working
  • Must have skills on Coding & programming languages like Python, Numpy, Pandas, Dask, Data Visualization etc
  • Soft & managerial skills for circle business engagements