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This is a year round posting for Paramedics looking to join Grey County who are already Base Hospital Certified in Ontario

All inquires can be directed to [email protected]

Next Orientation: TBD

For more information and all required forms please review: Grey County Paramedic Services Recruitment Guide 2024 & Medical.pdf

Submissions will be reviewed regularly.

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Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) - holds all the current legislative and regulatory qualifications and requirements to perform his / her duties in a professional and responsible manner. This includes but not limited to Defibrillation and Symptom relief certification under the authority of a Base Hospital Medical Director of the Grey Bruce Huron Paramedic Base Hospital Program, a valid and subsisting Class “F” drivers license or equivalent, valid C.P.R. certificate, and all other mandatory credentials required.

The PCP has the interchangeable role of driver and attendant, who provides effective assessment, treatment and transportation of patients to medical and/or any other facility. This is accomplished with respect for the patient(s) needs and confidentiality.


1. Reporting for duty on time and ready to respond to emergency calls at the beginning and throughout his/her scheduled shift.

2. Performs the necessary duties and actions that ensures public safety, and at the same time promotes safety of others.

3. Vehicle Control and Maintenance

  • Inspects ambulance vehicle(s) for roadworthiness, inventory (according to schedule of ambulance supplies and equipment), cleanliness, defects, serviceability and ensuring their safe and secure storage
  • Utilizes the ambulance vehicles and emergency (rapid) response units only for the purpose of providing ambulance services
  • Completes vehicle check sheet(s) as determined by Grey County EMS.
  • Accounts for the purchase of gas and oil using methods adopted
  • Reports immediately each movement of an ambulance or E.(R).R.V. to the communication service, including when vehicles are removed from service for maintenance or repair.
  • When safe to do so, responds in heavy traffic and in all weather conditions, to emergency and non-emergency calls as per the rules and regulations of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, MOHLTC Emergency Health Services Branch and the Grey County EMS.
  • Utilizes emergency warning devices as per procedure adopted by MOHLTC Emergency Health Services and the Grey County EMS.
  • Employees are required to operate an ambulance vehicle or emergency response vehicle in a safe and professional manner
  • Employees are required to wear seatbelts during the provision of ambulance service, unless otherwise contraindicated by the appropriate documentation by a licensed physician. It is understood that the Paramedic attending the patient in the rear of the ambulance may not always be able to comply with this requirement, due to the provision of patient care. The driver of the ambulance must always utilize the seatbelt.

4. Patient Assessment

  • Accesses scene for hazards
  • Assesses patient condition through physical assessment (see BLS Standards, appendices 65 to 67 and 72 to 73)
  • Establishes priority of treatment in multiple patient situations
  • Monitors and observes patient(s) condition(s) at all times

5. Treatment and transport of patients

  • Performs functions in accordance with the needs of the patient and in accordance with the Paramedic’s qualifications and scope of practice, ensuring patient’s safety, privacy and confidentiality at all times. Performing patient care duties and responding to ambulance calls as required as a first response unit including patient assessment, treatment and monitoring tasks, which includes some controlled medical acts in accordance with The Ambulance Act, Ontario Regulation 257/00, Patient Care and Transportation Standards, Ambulance Service Documentation Standards and Communicable Disease Standards.
  • Receives directions and instructions from medical authority in respect to appropriate patient care and treatment
  • The assigned driver of an ambulance or E.(R.)R.V. shall transport a patient(s) to a facility, as directed by the communications officer directing the movements of the vehicle
  • Transfers patient to & from the ambulance in a safe manner
  • Continues and sustains patient care while en route to destination(s)
  • Copes with unusual situations and employs light rescue techniques when required
  • Ensures that patients & passengers transported in an ambulance and are properly restrained and transported in a safe manner.
  • Ensures that patients are properly secured to the stretcher and that the stretcher is properly secured in the ambulance
  • Ensures that incubators are firmly secured in the ambulance and that the infant is firmly secured in the incubator, when applicable.
  • Ensures patient care equipment and patient belongings are firmly secured in the ambulance at all times.

6.Transfers of Patient Responsibilities

Upon arrival at a medical facility, nursing home or any other destination:

  • Transferring patients from vehicles, examining tables, stretchers and other locations in a safe protected manner
  • Transfers patient(s) and effects to/from vehicle and facility
  • Obtains relevant and complete patient history from facility staff (including appropriate documentation)
  • Provides patient history and case information
  • Ensures responsibility for the patient is transferred to/from facility staff
  • Ensures that the patient care compartment and any equipment used will be cleaned, as required, and takes the necessary steps to re-stock the ambulance or E.(R).R.V. with patient care and accessory equipment after each assigned call. Responding to priority calls (Codes 3, 4 and 8’s) shall take precedent in all circumstances.


  • Completes required patient and administrative documentation and forms and ensuring safekeeping of patient records including but not limited to ACR’s, incident reports and collision reports.
  • Provides current copies of personnel file documentation as required by the Ontario Ambulance Act and Regulation 257/00. These documents include but are not limited to the following:
  • Photocopy of Driver’s License which includes clearly identifiable photo of the employee
  • Annual CPR re-certification certificate
  • Photocopy of Ministry of Health Ambulance Identification badge (when renewed, report lost, or number has changed)
  • Proof of immunization as per the Regulations
  • Criminal record checks
  • Other documents as deemed necessary by Grey County Emergency Medical Services and the Human Resources department

NOTE: Employees must immediately notify Supervisor of Operations in the event that the Ministry of Health Identification card is lost or stolen.

8.Team Functions

  • Effectively communicates with other team members (i.e. Paramedics, police, fire, communications officers and other allied agencies). This teamwork will ensure the provision of quality care to patient(s).

Other Related Responsibilities

  • Performs housekeeping duties and general maintenance to stations and grounds, ensuring the areas are maintained in a secure, clean and sanitary condition.
  • Cleans all equipment after each call and re stocks vehicle with appropriate supplies ensuring that the equipment remains in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • While on duty has in their possession, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care ID card, as well as the Grey County EMS owned swipe card for payroll purposes.
  • Any other duties as deemed necessary by the Grey County Emergency Medical Services.
  • Paramedics are to follow Base Hospital policies and procedures.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Performs all duties and tasks in a manner which ensures the safety of self and others.
  • Ensures ambulance/ERV and station premises are safe and clean.
  • Works in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation, and the Grey County EMS Standard Operating Procedures.


  • Students – As Preceptors, provide education and experience for Paramedic students involved in field placements and other medical observers in support of Basic Life Support (Primary Care Paramedic level)
  • Staff Development – participates in training programs, practice sessions and any other staff education when available
  • Participates in the orientation for less experienced staff
  • Participates in educational programs as determined by the Manager, Q.A. Supervisor or Operations Supervisor or delegate.
  • Maintains qualifications in symptom relief and semi – automatic defibrillation, and any other delegated medical act(s) authorized by the Base Hospital Program and approved by the Grey County EMS.

Grey County is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and promotes a culture of respect where all team members are valued for their unique talents, knowledge and lived experiences.

Accommodations are available for all parts of the recruitment process. Applicants are encouraged to outline accommodation needs when submitting their application. If alternate methods of application are required, candidates can email [email protected].

While we thank all candidates for their interest, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Any personal information submitted will be managed in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will be used only to determine eligibility for employment.

Based on the nature of the position, pre-employment screening may be required including but not limited to; Criminal Record Searches, Financial Credit Inquiries; Educational and Credential Verification; Drivers Abstracts; Drug/Alcohol Testing; Pre-Medical Testing and Investigative Employment References.