Accessibility Tester

We are pleased to offer an opening for an Accessibility Tester at our company. This remote employment is open to both full-time and part-time employees who are US residents. We are looking for people that are passionate about building inclusive and accessible digital experiences for all users.

As an Accessibility Tester, you will be in charge of reviewing websites, online apps, and digital products to verify they meet accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.1. You will do human and automated tests, analyse the results, and provide recommendations to improve accessibility. You will collaborate closely with designers, developers, and content creators to put accessibility best practices into action, from the original design phase to final testing.

The ideal candidate will have a thorough understanding of online accessibility concepts and requirements, as well as familiarity with assistive technology like screen readers, speech recognition software, and magnification tools. You should be familiar with accessibility testing tools like axe, WAVE, and JAWS. Experience with mobile accessibility testing is also beneficial.

Key responsibilities:

- Conduct accessibility audits and evaluations for websites and digital products.

- Identify accessibility concerns and make specific recommendations for improvements.

- Work with cross-functional teams to ensure accessibility is built into the development process.

- Train and support team members on accessibility best practices.

- Stay informed on industry trends and improvements in web accessibility standards.


- Two or more years of expertise in web accessibility testing

- Understanding of WCAG 2.1 rules and best practices.

- Experience using accessibility testing tools like axe, WAVE, and JAWS.

- Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.

- Able to work independently and fulfil deadlines.

This is an exceptional opportunity to make a significant difference by ensuring that our digital goods are accessible to all consumers. If you are enthusiastic about accessibility and dedicated to providing inclusive user experiences, we want to hear from you.